What does a bannana, summer sky, pretty woman, and an old shed have in common?  Nothing!  Unless, they all possess vibrant colors and lively brush strokes.  

My artistic statement is simple.... to follow a desire to paint with passion and emotion.  I paint often "with-in the moment", to ensure a freshness, and an honest response to my mood.  I strive to not take myself too seriously, as raising four children has taught me.  

If I were to put myself in a category, it would have to be an expressionist.  

Eric Liddel, the Olympic runner once said .... "When I run I feel God's pleasure...."  I sometimes experience a similar emotion.  I hope to improve and for that to happen, I am reminded of another famous personality who said to "never, never, never, never give up!  

So until then, or until I run out of paints, I will paint.